Where does the Extraset name come from?

We believe that open-type formats offer numerous possibilities these days. Extraset’s fonts offer a lot of alternative character sets to provide more customised fonts for contemporary graphic designers. That way they can create their own combinations with different glyphs selected from a variety of stylistic sets. We always have an extra set for you!

Are Extraset’s fonts compatible with all computers?

All our fonts operate on Mac as well as PC. In the unlikely event of issues when installing a font, please contact us.  

Can I get a refund after purchasing a font?

All sales are final and cannot be refunded. However, should you encounter any issues with your purchase, we will do our best to try and find a solution as quickly as possible. Should any issue arise, please contact us a

Can I modify the design of the fonts? 

Customers are not entitled to modify the design of glyphs from the fonts themselves. However, we can provide custom-made fonts and solutions. We can modify a few glyphs from an existing font or create an entire new family upon request. Please contact us at and we will provide you with a quote.

What font formats do you offer for print and web?

Desktop fonts are delivered as OpenType files (OTF). Web fonts are delivered in TTF, WOFF, and WOFF2 formats.

How do desktop licences work?

With a standard licence, you are entitled to install a font on three computers, owned by the purchaser or his/her company. If you need to install the fonts on more computers, please select the correct number in the purchase section. The fonts are not intended to be shared. 

Am I allowed to use your fonts for a logo?

Yes the desktop license allows you to use the font for a logo.

How does the Webfonts licenses work?

Our webfont licenses are not based on subscriptions, you only need to pay the license fee once. Web licenses rates are based on a unique monthly visitors amount and on a number of domains. If the monthly numbers of visitors increases the limit of the purchased license, or if your need to use it on more domains please purchase an upgrade. 

Do you offer trials?

Yes, you can download trial versions of all the fonts published by Extraset. Trial fonts offer a limited set of character glyphs and are strictly limited to personal use. Their aim is to provide you with the opportunity to test the typeface before purchasing it. You are not entitled to use trials for commercial purpose, self-promotion or any type of publication, either on printed or digital media. The use of Trial fonts is limited for testing, and pitching purpose. If you decide to use the typeface for any project whatsoever, please purchase the appropriate licence.

Do you offer special licencing for students or schools?

Yes we offer a 50% discount on each of our fonts. If you are interested in purchasing a specific licence for one or several computers at a school. Please contact us for more informations at with an up to date student ID card in attachment, and we will provide you a quote.

Do you offer discounts for the entire font family if I have previously purchased fonts?

Yes, we offer upgrade discounts. Please contact us at for more information and we will send you a discount code.

How can I buy variable font licences?

Variable font formats are offered when you purchase a full family set. Desktop licences can be used for print, while web licences can be used on the web. The same licencing options and conditions as for non-variable fonts apply.

Who made the website?

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